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Understanding the Status LED

The Status LED is the light that blinks on the front of the Blackbox indicating the status of your device’s connection. To learn what the blinking patterns mean see our Status LED page.

My Blackbox is Not Connecting to WiFi

In some instances, using your SSID/password during setup may not be successful. There are many potential reasons for this, many of them out of your control.

WiFi-protected Setup is an alternate setup method which allows the authorization of a new device to connect to a network without a password. It’s supported by most routers (which will usually be marked with a WPS button).

  1. Restart your phone.
  2. Enable WPS mode on your router. This is usually accomplished by pressing the WPS button or enabling it from the router’s admin interface. Consult the manual for your specific router for further information. Typically, WPS will remain enabled for only 60 seconds.
  3. Open the Garageio app and select “Setup Your Garageio.”
  4. Enter or scan your Blackbox Code then select “Verify Code.”
  5. Enter your WiFi credentials then select “Continue.”
  6. Then select “Use WPS” at the bottom of the screen“Connect Using WPS.”
  7. If you created a PIN when enabling WPS on your router, enter it into the WPS PIN field. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
  8. Unplug the Blackbox and plug it back in. The LED on the front should begin to blink orange/red.
  9. Select “Begin Setup” in the app. Hold the screen of the phone over the SETUP port on the side of the Blackbox, completely covering the port. Hold it there for approximately 15 seconds.
  10. Wait for the front LED to begin blinking before removing the phone. If the front LED blinks green for a short period of time, you have successfully connected it to your network!

If the Blackbox front LED never blinks green after using WPS to connect it to WiFi, check the following items:

  • Try adjusting the distance between your phone and the SETUP port or try adjusting the brightness of your phone.
  • Point the phone screen toward the SETUP port.
  • Ensure that WPS is still enabled on your router. If it took longer than 60 seconds to finish the Blackbox setup, WPS may have self-disabled on the router. Re-enable it and try again.
  • Cover the SENSORS and OPENER ports with your index finger to prevent light from entering the Blackbox from its other holes.

Front LED Does Not Turn Off During Programming

While you are holding your phone over the SETUP port and the screen is blinking, the front LED should shut off during this period. If it does not turn off while programming, check the following:

  • Verify that the screen on your phone actually blinks after pressing the Setup button.
  • Completely cover the SETUP port with the phone. Leave no gap between the screen and the side of the Blackbox.
  • Point the phone screen toward the SETUP port.
  • Cover the SENSORS and OPENER ports with your index finger to prevent light from entering the Blackbox from its other holes.

Door is out of sync with the Garageio app and/or dashboard

You may encounter an issue where the door icons in your app do not reflect the position of your doors’ true position. Note that the app doesn’t automatically sync the position of the door (but will soon!). In order to force a sync so the app displays the correct position, tap the Garageio logo above the door view (iOS) or shake your phone (Android). This will force the app the sync with the true position of your doors.

If you are receiving open door notifications when the door is actually closed. This is usually a product of one of three reasons:

  1. Misaligned Sensor/Activator:The sensors are not reading the position of the door correctly because the sensors are misaligned or not close enough.  This is a very common issue when first installing Garageio and is usually easy to remedy. Learn more about the proper installation of the sensor here
  2. Damaged Sensor Cable: This sometimes occurs if too much stress has been placed on the cable’s connector, and will cause Garageio to think that the door is open. If you find that your sensor cable is broken, please contact Garageio support and we will get you a replacement, usually free of charge!
  3. Door Obstruction: If an object is blocking the door from closing fully, Garageio will consider the door to be open—even if it’s only 1 inch. If you live in a cold climate or a place which sees significant snowfall, ensure that a snow drift or a build-up of ice is not obstructing the door from closing fully.

“Error: Cannot connect to Blackbox…”

If you receive this error message while trying to open or close your door from the Garageio mobile app, your Blackbox may be having an issue with connecting to your wireless network. There are a number of potential explanations:

  • No active internet connection: Check that your wireless is functional using another device (such as a laptop or tablet) to attempt to connect to the internet.
  • Weak wireless network signal: The wireless network signal in your garage may not be strong enough for the Blackbox to remain connected. You can test this by trying to use another device to connect to the internet (such as a laptop or tablet) in the garage. If that does not work, you might need to move your router closer to the garage, or purchase a wireless extender to increase the range of your network.
  • Blackbox is powered off: If the Blackbox is powered off or unplugged, you will receive this message. This could mean that the power is off to the entire garage as well, such as in a power outage.

If none of the preceding points seem to be the cause, there are a couple other things you can check.

  • If you recently changed your network settings/configuration , you may need to setup Garageio again using the setup feature of the mobile app.
  • Power cycle the Blackbox and wait for the front LED to blink green. If it blinks green and shuts off, this means the Blackbox was able to successfully connect to the network.

If the above checks do not solve your problem, we encourage you to contact Garageio Support for further troubleshooting.

“Error: Cannot register Blackbox at this time…”

You may receive this error message after entering your 16-character Blackbox Code (found on the back of your Blackbox or installation card) on the connect screen. There are a few reasons why you might have received this error:

  • The entered code does not exactly match the supplied Blackbox Code. Please double check that the code you typed into the field is correct.
  • You did not successfully connect your Blackbox to your wireless network first. If you completed this step during installation, double check the connection by power cycling the Blackbox. If the front LED never blinks green, the Blackbox is not successfully connected to your network. If this is the case, repeat the WiFi programming step. If you still cannot get the Blackbox to connect, you might have better success trying the WPS option.

If the above checks do not solve your problem, we encourage you to contact Garageio Support for further troubleshooting.

Cannot Reset or Change Wireless Password on Blackbox

If your Garageio has disconnected from the internet, you recently changed your wireless router, or changed your network settings/configuration, follow the steps below to update your Blackbox’s WiFi credentials:

  1. ​Restart your phone.
  2. ​Logout of the app.
  3. Select “Setup Your Garageio.”
  4. Verify your Blackbox code.
  5. Enter your WiFi Credentials.
  6. Select “Continue.”
  7. Unplug the Blackbox and plug it back in (the LED on the Blackbox must be blinking during the phone flashing).
  8. Select “Reset Blackbox.”
  9. Hold your phone over the SETUP Port (the LED on the Blackbox should stop blinking while your phone is flashing).

​If all of this is done correctly, the Blackbox should blink Green briefly and then begin to blink Orange. Once it is blinking Orange, then you can select “Begin Setup” and you should be able to connect it to WiFi (once again, the LED on the Blackbox should stop blinking while your phone is flashing). If the LED on the Blackbox does not stop blinking while your phone is flashing, there may very well be an issue with your device and we can get it repaired.

If you are still having difficulty after following the steps above, there are a couple other things you can check.

  • Try adjusting the distance of your phone from the SETUP port (no more than 1/2 inch) or adjusting your screen brightness.
  • You can also try turning the lights off in whatever room you are in or covering the SENSOR and CABLE ports with your index finger. Sometimes, light may enter the Blackbox from its other holes and cause the Setup process to fail.

We are working on some software changes to fix this and plan to release it ASAP. You will soon be able to update your WiFi from within the app without having to log out.